Better Together Alive on the Internet

Welcome to the online world of Better Together! Lol how does online shipping even work? Just kidding, I think I've got this, and I'm so glad you're here. The shop opened in Santa Fe in May and now it's online too because it's 2018 and they say that's what real businesses do. They internet. So let's internet together. 

BT was founded because I LOVE CLOTHES, but also because I felt Santa Fe needed some more options for its residents because we all need to wear something...sometimes. And also because personal style is something that can be threaded throughout your every move - from the candles in your home to the potions in your bathroom cupboard to what you name your playlists - and I thought maybe this place could provide a little inspiration for that. 

While we're at it, BT also strives to be a place for you to have fun. We host events featuring local makers, thinkers, and doers. You check out any upcoming events  on our calendar which is coming soon, and in the meantime you can sign up for the newsletter. 

Being a personal style enthusiast, I also offer personal styling sessions, which you can learn more about here. They're fun, different, and don't suggest you buy a new wardrobe, because you really don't need to. 

I hope you enjoy this space, will stick with me while it grows and evolves, print out the emails I send and post them on your wall, and when you're not interneting maybe you can even come by and say hi sometime. 


xo daisy 


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