The premise of BT is that clothes and accessories have superpowers. They can make you feel incredible, and conversely they can also make you feel truly sub par. The store is meant to create a space for you to find the items that make you feel the former, but it’s not always as easy as adding a couple of new things that make you feel better. It can be the entire relationship you have with clothes that needs an upgrade. Our dynamic with clothes is complicated – there is so much wrapped up in body image, stress, the way the world supposedly perceives us, and sense of time for ourselves, to name a few – sometimes we need to dig into bigger issues. The Better Together styling services do just that – I address your goals and take a holistic approach to achieving them. 


Your Session

A session starts with a consultation, by phone or in the store, so I can learn what it is you want to achieve and what areas of style feel challenging, and so you can see if it feels like the right fit. Then we set a time for an in-home session, during which we’ll look at all elements of your closet and routine. Your specific goals determine the exact course of the session, but all include a reevaluation of what is in your closet, how to organize your items best, care for your things, and how to design your routine so that it helps to empower you. 

Styling sessions are less about encouraging a brand new wardrobe and more about working with what you have, eliminating what’s no longer serving you, and providing guidance for items you may be in need of to fill the gaps. After the session you will receive a follow-up email with a recap, recommendations, and additional thoughts for how to gain confidence through your personal style.

About the Stylist

I’ve been expressing myself through my clothing since day one. Growing up I poured over Vogue (British Vogue, specifically), runway shows, photography, and the history of fashion.

When living in New York and LA I worked in casting, assisting on shoots, styling, and buying.  But celebrity and editorial styling wasn’t my jam – I was always more interested in the dynamic of clothes. How putting them together in a certain way could be so magical, so joyful on a visceral level, and how ultimately that is where their power lies. It's a magic that doesn't just occur in magazines but with individuals every day. I wanted to explore that power, where it comes from and how to harness it.


Free initial 15 minute consultation, by phone or in person (in person recommended).

$150 for an in-home consultation of up to 3 hours. Includes follow-up and ongoing support.

$50 for a digital session. After the consultation I make suggestions based on your goals – these relate to routine, confidence-boosting practices, specific clothing or accessories, wellness, or brand suggestions.

​Call or email to book: 505.738.1800 |